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Delivering quality services for adults with developmental disabilities.

Supported Living Services

consist of a broad range of services to adults with developmental disabilities who choose to live in homes they themselves own or lease in the community.

Residential Services

provide long-term community placements for adults with developmental disabilities who would otherwise be placed in higher levels of care, such as developmental centers or state hospitals.

Adaptive Skills Training

is a service designed to teach, support and guide adults with developmental disabilities to be more effective in the use of their daily skills at home and in the community.

Coordinated Family Supports

is a service option specifically designed for adults with developmental disabilities served by a regional center who choose to live in their family home.

Helping people with developmental disabilities come home.

A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

After being in and out of several group homes and facing legal challenges, Christopher moved to Steps Home, in Turlock, CA in June 2019. Steps Home is owned and operated by Omelagah, Inc, and provides support for individuals with forensic involvement. Christopher has remained at Steps Home since 2019, showing significant growth and progress towards his personal goals. Since moving to Steps Home, Christopher has left his legal troubles in the past.

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Client Success Stories – Darrell

Client Success Stories – Darrell

After nearly 32 years spent in a secure developmental center Darrell transitioned to The Avenue Home, in Redwood City in July of 2012. The Avenue Home is operated by Omelagah Inc, and provides support for individuals with forensic involvement. Mr. Cody has successfully maintained placement at The Avenue Home for 10 years. Darrell has adjusted well transitioning to a community-based setting. Darrell greatly enjoys music; he spends much of his time listening to oldies but goodies and writing down his favorite artists and song titles.

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Team Member Spotlight

Ebony Omelagah

Ebony Omelagah


As the Forensic Social Worker at Golden Gate Regional Center (GGRC), Ebony worked on over 500 cases involving individuals with developmental disabilities who had forensic invlovement. Over the years, Ebony became frustrated by the lack of community-based support for these individuals. Many service providers would refuse to work with these individuals once they understood they were forensically involved. This resulted in many institutional placements, homelessness and lack of quality service options. Convinced that many of the people she served would thrive in the community if provided with an opportunity, Ebony left her job at GGRC to develop services to meet the unique needs of this population. Our Leaders

Employee Spotlight!

Employee Spotlight!

Our employee spotlight is Ramon Romo.

Ramon is the Home Administrator for the Amador Home and Doors Home both located in the East Bay. As the Home Administrator for two forensic home, he is committed to utilize 20 years of experience to provide a safe and supportive environment to clients at Omelagah, Inc.

Roman’s background includes working closely with individuals with end-stage renal disease, giving me valuable insights into the unique needs and challenges of those requiring Specialized Support Services.

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