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A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

After being in and out of several group homes and facing legal challenges, Christopher moved to Steps Home, in Turlock, CA in June 2019. Steps Home is owned and operated by Omelagah, Inc, and provides support for individuals with forensic involvement. Christopher has remained at Steps Home since 2019, showing significant growth and progress towards his personal goals. Since moving to Steps Home, Christopher has left his legal troubles in the past.

Christopher has made great strides in utilizing his coping skills and using functional communication to express his wants, needs, and emotions. Going out in the community, which used to be highly stressful and cause paranoia, is now self-controlled thanks to his supportive staff teaching and practicing breathing techniques with Christopher. Using his newfound coping strategies, Christopher is now safe in the community and is able to see and visit his family more often.

Christopher is very bright and has a truly unique personality, he is most often seen writing in his sketchbook and enjoys playing Scrabble with staff and watching Jeopardy. Christopher loves his iPad, listening and dancing to music, and writing his favorite things down to show others. Some of his talents are singing “ZYX” (reciting the alphabet backward), excellent penmanship,  and doing math in his head.

Christopher is happy for the second chance and the opportunity for a fresh start at Steps Home.