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Enhanced Supported Living Services

Omelagah, Inc.’s Enhanced Supported Living Services (ESLS) was developed to meet the needs of adults with developmental disabilities with complex needs, who require enhanced services and supports to live successfully in the community. While encompassing all the components of traditional SLS, this program focuses on individuals with higher level of support needs.

Enhanced supports may include: additional staffing supports, clinical consultation, enhanced training and supervision for support staff. ESLS services will provide enhanced tailored supports with a focus on serving individuals who have not been successful in other services and settings and/or who may be at risk of placement in a more restrictive environment.Individuals served may include:

  • Individuals with intense behaviors.
  • Individuals with forensic involvement.
  • Individuals with a mental health diagnosis.
  • Individuals struggling with substance abuse.
  • Individuals who were unsuccessful in other living arrangements due to behaviors or forensic involvement.
  • Individuals who are deemed to need a higher level of services based on a 4418 and comprehensive assessment.

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