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2021 DSP of the Year

2021 DSP of the Year

Jenna Shaikh joined Omelagah, Inc. in 2021 as a Direct Service Professional (DSP) at Wilton Stables.  New to the field, Jenna is eager to learn, train and develop her professional knowledge. She has an interest in company policy and procedures and day-to-day program operations of residential facilities.  She is a strong communicator and has developed good working relationships with all of the clients at Wilton Stables and Amador Home. The two sister houses often participate in joint community activities, such as holiday events, professional sporting events, and BBQs at the park.  

Jenna is goal oriented not only at work but in her own personal life. Jenna shows genuine Empathy for her clients, and will assist the individuals she supports with ADLs and ILS as needed. She looks for meaningful ways to connect with her clients when they are engaged in activities in and outside of the home. Some of her favorite activities include playing basketball, watching basketball, making homemade pizza and playing Zoom Bingo.  Jenna also demonstrates teamwork and Unity, covering many shifts and adjusting her schedule to help cover staffing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

2021 was not an easy year for Jenna as she has faced significant personal challenges. Through it all she continued to work and attended school full-time at Sacramento State University. She met all these challenges with grace as she balanced both professional and personal challenges. Jenna plans to graduate as a Junior in June 2022 and then attend a Masters Degree Program. She is EQUIP with many of our company core values. 

Congratulations to Jenna Shaikh, our Omelagah, Inc. 2021 DSP of the Year!