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Work That Matters

Dear Clients, Family Members, and Friends,

As we approach what we hope is the end of the Covid 19 pandemic, we are seeing record setting employee burnout and a mass exodus from the workforce. As a result, employers across the country are finding it very difficult if not impossible to fill jobs and retain good people. The impact of this has created a workforce crises in the developmental services field.

A few months ago, I received an interesting question from one of our team members, “What is the difference between our company mission vs our company purpose?”

Although they appear the same and a bit redundant, there is a major difference. Our company mission is about how the work gets done. This is more tactical and can change over time. Purpose on the other hand, is all about the WHY. The motivation behind the work.

Why was this company created?

Why do we do this work?

Why do I work at this company?

Why shouldn’t I leave this company and go do something else?

The answer is in the purpose.

At Omelagah, Inc. our purpose is simple: We exist to help people with developmental disabilities, live in their home communities instead of institutional settingsThis is “why” we do what we do!

Our collective work is part of the larger deinstitutionalization movement, the process of transitioning people out of large institutional settings, into smaller home like community-based programs. Everything we do in this company, is contributing towards keeping someone in the community and not in a locked institutional setting. Thus creating a better life. This work matters!

No matter your role in the company, HR, Maintenance, Payroll, or Direct Support Professional, everything you do is contributing to keeping people in the community. We are bringing people home and working to keep them home. An essential purpose that was made ever more critical during the Covid 19 pandemic. When our work, along with many others were now deemed Essential Services”.

During hard times we must go back and revisit our purpose. Why do we do this work? The answer must be bigger than a paycheck or bigger than the particular grievance of the day. We must renew our faith in our purpose and continue to press on. Remember why we decided to do this work in the first place. As we work every day to improve lives and aim to deliver quality services for adults with development disabilities in Northern California.

We are all on one team working towards one purpose. Why…because our purpose is bigger than us. In the end, we are simply a company of people helping people!

Thank you for all that you do! It truly takes a village.



Matthew A. Omelagah, CEO
Omelagah, Inc.

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