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2019 Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year

Kent Chiu, Direct Care Staff,  West Bay SLS

Kent Chiu was chosen for employee of the year 2019 because of his commitment, compassion, reliability, and hard work as a direct services professional. Kent has been with Omelagah for over 3 years and during that time he has worked with almost all our clients.
Our clients and staff appreciate the work that Kent does and his work has not gone unnoticed.  Kent’s work with our most challenging clients is an example of what we want to provide to all our clients and he is a good role model to our other staff. Showing up to support our clients even when our clients are experiencing tough times and being patient with them to give them support is definitely one of Kent’s strengths.
Congratulations to Kent on this outstanding accomplishment!  May he continue to grow and share his strengths with his clients and fellow staff.