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Dear Clients, Family Members, and Friends

Omelagah, Inc. is closely monitoring the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on our daily lives. COVID-19 has disrupted normal way of life for many Californians. Shelter-in-place orders and social distancing have had a devastating impact on many small businesses all over the country. Thousands of people have been laid off or have been sent home without pay.

As an essential service, our agency has been very fortunate to remain open which enables us to continue to support our clients. I am very proud of our staff who have stepped up to keep our services operating. Many of you have volunteered to work extra hours and take on additional responsibilities. This means spending more time with your work family, than your family at home. This has been inspiring to say the least!

The health of our staff and clients are our number one priority. To protect our staff and clients, our agency has implemented many new policies and procedures to keep our community healthy. Below we have listed some of they key changes to our program operations:

• Limiting Visitors  (Remote visits are encouraged).

• Mandating Mask Wearing on shift.

• Social Distancing (Staying away from crowds and no non- essential group activities).

• Shelter in Place – Follow the CA Shelter At Home Mandate – Limit your
own contacts at work and home. Only make essential trips to minimize

• Providing cleaning supplies, hand sanitizers, and PPEs to staff.

• Wash Your Hands or Sanitize Frequently During Shift.

• Stay Home if you are sick.

At its core our agency is simple, a group of people who help other people. A profession rooted in caring for our neighbors. We see on the news many stories of fear and people prioritizing their own needs over helping others. Contrary to what the media reports, we also see so many examples of selfless people, people like you. In times of global pandemic, the world at large can use a little more of what we do for a living every day.

So, THANK YOU for caring for your fellow citizens and choosing to come into work every day and help others in need.


Matthew A. Omelagah, CEO
Omelagah, Inc.