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Who We Are

Omelagah, Inc. is a family-owned human services agency, dedicated to providing high quality support services for adults with developmental disabilities in Northern California. We support individuals with complex service needs (e.g., forensic, psychiatric, and behavioral), succeed in their home communities instead of institutional settings. We have an expertise in supporting individuals with forensic involvement. We strive to improve the lives of the people we support, through the implementation of structured community-based programs. 

Our Mission

To support individuals with developmental disabilities with a history of forensic involvement, live productive, law-abiding lives in the least restrictive community setting.

Our Purpose = WHY we do what we do

We exist to support individuals with developmental disabilities, who are difficult to serve, succeed in their home communities instead of institutional settings. We believe in the importance of giving people second chances in life.

Our Story

Omelagah, Inc. was founded in 2010 by Matthew and Ebony Omelagah. As the Forensic Social Worker at Golden Gate Regional Center, Ebony worked on over 500 cases involving individuals with developmental disabilities who had contact with the legal system. Over the years, Ebony became frustrated by the lack of community-based support for these individuals. Many service providers would refuse to work with these individuals once they understood they were forensically involved. This resulted in many institutional placements, homelessness and lack of quality service options. Convinced that many of the people she served would thrive in the community if provided with an opportunity, Ebony left her job at Golden Gate Regional Center to develop services to meet the unique needs of this population. Together with Matthew Omelagah, a Social Worker with experience in Social Enterprise Administration, Omelagah, Inc. was started. 

Today, Omelagah, Inc. employs approximately 170+ team members providing support services for individuals with challenging service needs throughout Northern California.